The New Piøneer
Of Future Web3

Gitshøck is bringing EVM based chains
to the interoperable networks of the Cosmos ecosystem. Gitshock is aiming to involve any possible business to the network while providing easiness for the ecosystem.

Will be ready to host any awesome web3 dapps on Gitshøck Network

Discover the decentralized applications built on Gitshock or Neware chain and learn how to build your own.

Technology Behind
The Network

Gitshøck Finance project is not only just another token project, it is also developing the mainnet layer 1 based on

Ethereum and Cosmos Network. With the reliable technologies from Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core, Ethereum Virtual Machines, Gitshock Netwørk will enable interoperable smart contract between IBC and EVM.

Cosmos SDK
Cosmos SDK
The Cosmos-SDK is a platform for building multi-asset Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, like the Cosmos Hub. Learn it here↗
Tendermint is software for securely and consistently replicating an application on many machines.
Learn it here↗
Ethereum Virtual Machine
Ethereum Virtual Machine
Ethereum Virtual machine serves as a layer of abstraction between both the code being executed and the system on which it is being executed. Learn it here↗
Cosmos IBC
Cosmos IBC
The inter-blockchain communication (IBC) rotocol is a reliable & secure inter-module communication protocol that enables a secure interoperability between chains. Learn it here↗
Interoperable Smart Contracts - Home of CosmWasm
Open Ware SDK

Interoperability between Cosmøs and EVM.

Home for interchain EVM Decentralized Apps powered by Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core which enables fast and secure transaction.
Gitshøck Wallet Extension
Multichain wallet for storing crypto assets from Various Networks. Available for mobile and chrome extension.

Gitshøck Swap
Gitshock Swap is a multinetwork decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator powered by GTFX token.

Gitshøck Edgeware
Deploy your own EVM token in one click or create blockchain using githock edgeware securely.

Gitshøck Enterprise
Blockchain offers efficient, dynamic and transparent financial system. Gitshock’s crypto solutions for enterprise empower innovative finance leaders to drive their business advantage from customized blockchain technology today.

Easy access to GitshockSwap

Swap, Mint Token & Add LP your GTFX on the GitshockSwap.

Token Economics

Gitshock Token (GTFX) Maximum supply will be 1.05 B consisting of 400 M for all bridge supporting networks, i.e. BSC, Ethereum, Aurora/Near, Polygon, Metis, Fantom, Avalanche and Solana and 650 M for the main network layer 0 Cosmos and the Gitshock's EVM network.

  • Interchain token designs with 1:1 bridging comparison
  • Genesis Airdrop For Cosmos Staker
  • Supporting zero carbon PoS consensus
  • Also Built On Several Top EVM Networks
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